My Mission

My goal with KQC goes far beyond trying to make a living selling my art. I want to embrace, support and heal the queer community. I want to help people be seen, FEEL seen. I want to have a queer youth see someone in KQC pride wear and feel hope for their future.

After coming out as nonbinary in my 30's I remember the first time I was going to wear a skirt out in public for the first time, unshaven, hair just thrown back in an elastic and I was scared. Now for some insight back in my youth, when I was but an egg I loved drag and would dress in drag often, but that seemed so much more acceptable to the world, and to myself. But there was this huge unspoken rule that you didn't just wear a dress as a "man" you did the whole thing up or not at all- so standing in my doorway, about to walk out into the world for the first time, queer as anything had ever been, stubbly, hair a mess and scared shitless... I thought to myself how seeing someone like me out and about as a youth would have changed everything, I would have known so much more and so much sooner, if me being scared to be myself every day so someone after me was less so, I would do it. And so I did, and have every day since.


That's what I want to help people do, be themselves not just for themselves, but for everyone it might help along the way.